I've spent my life reading everything from comic books to the classics. One will find everything from The Aeneid and Beowulf to Wolverine and the X-Men in my library. My love of reading ushered in my love and respect for the power of words. While the works on this page are certainly no Homeric epic, they have consistently engaged audiences and led to successful conversions across the board.

I've developed a great relationship with Jeremy from dDaniel Advertising and over the past few years I've become his go-to guy to write the press for the Indiana Co. (PA) Fair. I've also written pieces announcing fundraisers as well as crafting scripts for broadcast ads.

As a member of Chatham Village's Communications Committee, I have written a series of pieces (one for each season)describing the Rockwellian childhood my friends and I experienced in this idyllic neighborhood just outside of downtown Pittsburgh. My aim is to position Chatham Village as the ideal place to raise a family by focusing on the proximity to downtown, the amenities provided, and worry-free lifestyle.

In college I wrote an article supporting Mario Lemieux's Casino/Arena plan, but it wasn't until early 2011 when I started a Pittsburgh Penguins blog to blend my passion for creativity and hockey. It has since been migrated to a closely-knit Facebook page where I manage nearly 2,200 followers and focus on inclusivity and acceptance. Below are some of my favorite posts, including my most viral piece that has reached nearly 1.1 million users.